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Several streets in Rye have prominent buildings at right angles to the street which visually close the view at the end.  Notable examples include the Old Grammar School when looking down Lion Street and Rye Church, with its clock and quarter boys when viewed from Lion Street.  Similarly in West Street the view is of the West window of the Church from one direction and of Lamb House from the other.

The rebuilding of the summer house, bombed during the war, where Henry James wrote some of his most notable works, would be of great benefit to the town and restore the focus of the view looking up West Street.

The Old Grammar School closes the view at the end of Lion Street

St Mary's Church closing the view from the Lion Street 

Rye Conservation Society is a registered charity - Charity No. 283888

Prominent buildings close the views

Images and text by John Griffiths, Rye Conservation Society

Pavements and Streets Glimpses of Country